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Frequently Asked Questions...

I added in a F.A.Q page just in case you were wondering about something specific that tends to be a common question I get asked. If I missed anything feel free to email me about it!

Can I ask you to wear something specific?

​I love wearing sexy lingerie and high heels, silk robes, and dressing up in fun little costumes. I would be happy to accommodate any special wardrobe requests you may have and I would also be more than happy to change into anything you bring to our meeting. Alternatively, I will go out and buy or order online whatever it is you'd like for our meeting if you add the total cost of the items to the donation.

Are you newcomer friendly?

​Yes! I would love to be your first experience. As I quoted at the beginning of my website, "Vulnerability is the essence of connection, connection is the essence of existence". I understand as a newcomer you may feel vulnerable and uneasy your first time. I will help guide you to become confident in yourself and the process - ready to experience some great new memories to come.

Can I take a shower during our meeting?

Of course! Your hygiene is just as important to me as it is to you. There will always be a shower, mouthash and other toiletries available to you before and after our meeting. Never hesitate to ask. My goal is to make you as comfortable and ready for the rest of your day as I possibly can. I just ask that you be mindful and plan to include it into the amount of time you booked.

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Are your photos accurate?

I update my photos as often as I can. I assure you that my photographs are a true reflection of myself. I even show my face for the simple fact I want new friends to feel they have a genuine connection with me.

How long should our date be?

I have found that I prefer longer meetings, 2-3 hours, especially if we are meeting for the first time. That gives us a chance to form a true connection, whether it be indoors or out and about. I do enjoy all different types of meetings however, and I would love to join you for a brief playdate if that is all your free time allows.

Can I discuss what type of experience I am looking for?

Yes. Once you are a verified friend, feel free to email me to discuss your expectations if you have anything specific in mind. This makes for a smoother encounter if I know in advance whether you prefer to sit and converse over a glass of wine for a while or whether you prefer to get into a high energy scenario right away. With that being said, I do like for things to flow naturally as I find it makes for the best experience. Explicit details are better left assumed or discussed in person for our safety and discretion. Thank you.

Does it matter what race I am?

No not at all. I don't discriminate in any way shape or form. You can always come to me as you are and know that you will be accepted. During our time together you will never be judged based on your ethnicity, religion, disability, etc.

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