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I truly appreciate a gentleman that goes the extra mile...

Thank you for taking interest in pleasing me. I never expect any gifts or extras - I am appreciative of our time together all on it's own. However, if you would like to bring something for us to enjoy during our time together, below are some things I enjoy.

  • Fuller bodied red wines or a nice bottle of champagne

  • Chocolate covered strawberries or a delicacy of your choice, I love to try new things!

  • Books: I enjoy reading almost anything. Feed my mind? It turns me on. 

  • Classic red roses: I always keep red roses around my house, so I would love to receive                                                      some from you and have a pleasant reminder of our time together.

I enjoy E-gift cards also. My favorite places to shop are Nordtrom, Saks, Agent provocateur, La Perla, Sephora, Dior, Amazon, or even a Visa or American Express Gift Card. A donation to the Local Humane Society is very much appreciated as well since I am an avid animal lover. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to purchase a gift of my choice that ships directly to my door, you can take a peak at my wishlist below.

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