• Please email me with the correct format stated in the "Contact Me" section of my website. If you send me an incomplete email, I may not reply. I get a lot of emails, I do not entertain ones that I don't believe are serious. So please, don't waste your time or mine. Our time is valuable, don't you think so? 

  • I ask that you please take care of the monetary formalities immediately upon arrival. All donations are to be prepared in an unsealed envelope with my name on it and placed into clear view without any verbal exchange. If it is an outcall or I am meeting you in a public place, feel free to hand me my donation in book, envelope, discreet gift bag, or whatever works for you. I would much rather get that out of the way quickly so we can get lost in our time together and not have to be reminded of the service aspect of our meeting. It is rude to put me in a situation where I have to ask where my donation is.

  •  Please do not overstay your scheduled time or wait for me to inform you that our time is up. If you are interested in staying for a longer time than originally planned just ask me and compensate for the extra time we will be spending together before we continue.. I will be happy to accomodate if I don't have any other appointments scheduled or personal obligations I have to take care of.

  • I understand and respect your concern for privacy. My safety however is also important, therefore screening is necessary for personal safety and peace of mind for the both of us. If a provider didn't care about her own safety, why would she care about yours? In connection, If I cannot verify you, I won't be able to see you. The information that you provide me with will remain private and confidential at all times. After our encounter, I will discard all of the information that you have provided me with for your privacy. I never contact any place of work. I am a verified provider with 30+ reviews in less than a year, I would not compromise either your reputation or mine.

Here are my guidelines...

Thank you in advance for respecting them!

- xo, Izzy