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Hey babe, I'm Isabella...

You may know me as Izzy. Over the past few years, I have blossomed into one of Boston’s most adored companions. At the age of 23, I embody a captivating allure, often hailed as an "old soul" for my profound wisdom that transcends my years. I relentlessly seek ways to enrich my intellect and wholeheartedly embrace all of the new experiences that come my way. I am a deeply passionate person, as I devote myself wholeheartedly to any endeavor, finding indescribable pleasure in ensuring your satisfaction.

Allow me to paint a visual portrait of myself: I stand at a petite 5'1" and weigh 130 lbs. My light blue eyes possess an enigmatic allure, accompanied by the kittenish grin I always have when I’m enjoying myself. You may wonder where my sensual curves and enticingly full lips come from until you learn I am of Italian and French descent. Though my ancestry hails from Italy, I am a true Bostonian at heart, intimately acquainted with every enchanting corner this city has to offer. I would love to show you one day - if we can resist each other long enough, that is!


My mind is a sanctuary of boundless exploration, brimming with enthusiasm and an intoxicating sweetness. I have been hailed as the embodiment of the girl that lives next door; the muse you spot during a night out with friends, the one you've always wanted to approach but lacked the courage to do so... let us redefine that narrative together.

I hope to see you soon!
- xo, Izzy

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