Hey babe, I'm Isabella...

You may know me as Izzy. I am newly 20 years old - a young, sultry beauty that is years beyond her age. Being my age, I am always looking for ways to further diversify my mind and genuinely enjoy all of the new experiences that come my way. As for visuals, I am quite petite, standing only at 5'1 with brown hair. For now that is! I am a cosmetologist, so on my down time I enjoy making people feel beautiful and confident in themselves. How amazing is that? I am a deeply passionate person and I put 100% into anything I do. Making people happy gives me an indescribable pleasure.

My light blue eyes have a telling way about them, as does the kittenish grin I always seem to have on my face when I am enjoying myself. In other aspects. you may be wondering where my curvy figure and full lips come from, until you learn that I am of Italian and French descent. Unlike my family, who descended from Italy, I was born and raised in Boston. That means I have an advantage of knowing my way around very well. I would love to show you one day - if we can keep our hands off of each other long enough, that is!


I am openminded and enthusiastic. Sweet and sensual. I have been told that I am the perfect example of the girl that lives next door; the girl you see on a night out with your friends and you've always wanted to talk to but never achieved the courage to do so. That can change now, of course. Whether you'd like me to be your plus one for an eight course meal, or you'd like me to be your eight course meal, I will be ready for either. I am very eager to please during any endeavors we may get into. If my courtesan ways are what you've been looking for, I may just be the one for you. 

I hope I'll be seeing you soon!

- xo, Izzy